Academic Pyramid of Research Publications – NMC


  • Dr. Shanmugam A HOD, Department of Diabetology, Government Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.


Research publications in an indexed journal hold much weightage in the academic qualifications in India Medical institutions. As per the National Medical Council (NMC) guidelines, an “Academic Pyramid of Number of Research Publications for Broad Specialities and Super Speciality” is formulated as shown in the Figure 1.The NMC recognized indexes are Medline, Pubmed Central, Science Citation index, Science Citation index Expanded, Embase, Scopus, Directory of Open access journals (DoAJ) for the publication of original papers, meta-analysis, systematic reviews and case series


The Principal Regulations namely, ‘Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations 1998’ were published in Part- III, Section (4) of the Gazette of India on the 5thDecember, 1998 and amended vide MCI notifications dated 16/03/2005, 21/07/2009, 28/10/2009, 15/12/2009, 03.11.2010, 08.07.2011, 12.06.2012, 06.09.2012, 01.10.2012, 16.05.2015, 13.07.2016, 11.03.2017, 08.06.2017, 23.01.2018, 01.11.2018, 07.06.2019 and 16.08.2019.




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