A systematic review on the role of beta adrenergic antagonists in diabetic foot ulcer


  • Vishnu Shivam Final year MBBS student, Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital.
  • Dr. Vengojayaprassad S HOD, Department of Diabetology, Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital, Coimbatore..


Diabetic foot ulcer, Diabetic foot complications, Diabetic ulcer healing, Beta adrenergic antagonists, Beta blockers


Diabetic foot ulcers are a constant threat to diabetic patients and can lead to amputations and even death. Beta antagonists have found to improve ulcer healing by inhibiting catecholamine effects such as keratin migration and wound epithelialization. The aim of this study is to review the available research articles on the usage of beta adrenergic antagonists in ulcer healing. A systematic search on PubMed database was carried out to review articles investigating the role of beta adrenergic antagonists on diabetic ulcer healing. Out of 133 records identified through electronic database search, finally 9 studies were included in the systematic review. The findings revealed that beta adrenergic antagonists such as timolol and propranalol as a topical cream accelerate ulcer healing process by enhancing anti-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic mechanisms.


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